Flex @ Pitt is a reinvention of the instructional model during the pandemic, offering in-person learning for our students when conditions allow for it, and providing faculty with tools and support to deliver robust teaching remotely when necessary. Flex @ Pitt—and all of our academic and operations planning—is underpinned by the operational postures and health rules developed by Pitt’s Healthcare Advisory Group (HCAG), and are designed to adapt to changing conditions of the virus and our campuses.

Supporting Students

For those academic support services units with multiple staff members, once the Activity Area Plan has been approved, supervisors will make the determination if they will be offering in-person options, along with remote options, during the Elevated and Guarded Risk Postures. Staff members may request to continue providing services remotely, and supervisors are encouraged to grant these requests whenever possible. For those units offering in-person options, mitigation measures will be in place. 

See the Academic Student Support Standards and Guidelines for additional details.