As all University buildings are closed to the public under all operational postures, University members are strongly encouraged to hold meetings, conferences and events remotely to the maximum extent possible, even when all participants are on-campus. When there is an identifiable function that requires an in-person meeting, conference or event, all participants in such in-person meetings, conferences and events must adhere to the University’s Health Standards and Guidelines, as well as any applicable guidance from the local, state or federal government.

Virtual or Hybrid Conferences and Events – Platform Information

Accelevents is now a University-wide Contracted Supplier in the Panther Express System to be used for virtual conferences and events when it is free for attendees to register. In order to use Accelevents for a virtual conference or event, please adhere to the following instructions:

For conference/events that are free for attendees: Accelevents offers an all-in-one virtual conference and event platform as long as the event is free to your attendees.

For conferences/events that require a credit card payment from attendees: Accelevents will not be permitted to manage registration and take payment.

  • If the department is capable of managing registration and payment through their Pitt Merchant account, they can send the registration information, once processed by the University, to Accelevents through a data download/upload.
  • Panther Central is working on providing a platform to handle paid registrations. Details will be shared once available, please check the PantherExpress website for the latest information. 

Panther Express has additional information about how to get started with Accelevents, pricing and more.

For any questions, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service

Read the full Standards & Guidelines.