If I am taking the equivalent of a full-time course load in the summer term, will I be charged on a per-credit basis?

We understand many students’ plans and progress were disrupted by COVID-19. Given these impacts, any undergraduate student taking between 12 and 18 credits and any graduate student taking between 13 and 15 credits in the summer 2020 term, who would typically pay a per-credit rate, will pay a fixed rate tuition that is based on what they would have paid for a full-time course load in spring 2020. Those students who are already enrolled in a fixed-rate summer program will continue to pay that amount. We hope this support eases the burden for our students and encourage students to speak with their academic advisor on planning their academic progress and with any questions they might have about credit hours.

What can I expect for my housing and dining refund? When will that be applied?

Refunds have all been processed for spring term 2020. On the Pittsburgh campus, billing was adjusted as follows:

Move out date March 12 – March 20:
36% proration of housing charges and remaining/unused portion of meal plan charges

Move out date March 21 – April 3:
30% proration of housing charges and remaining/unused portion of meal plan charges

Move out date April 4 – End of Semester (April 26):
No proration

Will I get a refund for my student parking permit?

Students who held a parking permit on the Pittsburgh campus for the spring term received a pro rata reduction of parking charges from March 16 through the balance of the spring semester. Please contact the Parking Office at 412-624-4034 or parking@bc.pitt.edu with any additional questions.

Will faculty and staff members continue to be charged for their parking permits?

With the majority of faculty and staff members currently working remotely, it was determined that Pitt parking permit holders will not be charged for the month of May. Future permit parking deductions will be evaluated on a monthly basis moving forward and communicated to permit holders via email. Please contact the Pitt Parking Office at 412-624-4034 or parking@bc.pitt.edu with any additional questions.

Will there be any changes to tuition and fee charges?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University is employing distance learning for all courses for the remainder of the spring term. Faculty are committed to providing the same high-quality experiences to students, simply utilizing a different delivery method. The same faculty will be teaching courses; they have adapted their materials as appropriate and will continue to be available to students—all utilizing technology instead of in-person contact. Furthermore, the University continues to provide as many services as possible, remotely, including counseling services and virtual computer labs, to ensure uninterrupted access whenever possible. Because students will continue to receive instruction and services, although through a different process, there will be no changes in tuition or mandatory fees for the spring term.

Student Fees: Summer Sessions 

In the wake of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the University is waiving the following student fees, where applicable, across all campuses for students enrolled in courses during summer 2020 sessions: The Student Activity Fee; Wellness Fee; Student Health Service Fee; Security, Safety, and Transportation Fee; Student Facility Fee; and Student Recreation Fee. The University continues to provide as many services as possible, remotely, to ensure uninterrupted access whenever possible.

The Computing and Network Service Fees will be required as a mandatory fee for summer sessions.

Why is the University still charging out-of-state students a different rate if all students are taking courses online?

The University of Pittsburgh is an integral part of Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth System of Higher Education and was designated as a state-related institution in 1966. Through this designation, the University receives an annual financial appropriation from the state that supports discounted tuition for Pennsylvania residents for many of its programs. While in-state and out-of-state students receive the same educational experience, like at other public universities, the discount reflects the state and Pitt’s partnership and commitment to Pennsylvania students and families.

Why is my tuition unchanged when the rates for Pitt Online programs are different?

Tuition rates differ by school and degree program. Students who are enrolled in classes being taught online due to the COVID-19 pandemic are receiving credits and the same high-quality education taught by our world-class instructors they would receive if we were able to conduct classes safely on campus. Pitt Online is a wholly separate and fairly limited set of programs that was created for a virtual environment from its inception, and therefore has its own tuition, fees and credit structure. Students enrolled in Pitt Online cannot take courses other than those offered through Pitt Online without paying separate tuition for these courses.

Will I be charged a late fee if I don’t return my rented books to the University Store?

Please check your University email for a list of books that you rented from the University Store. The deadline to return rental textbooks to the University
Store on Fifth has been extended. Rental textbooks must be received by the store by May 18, 2020, to avoid late fees.
Rentals can be returned to the University Store via UPS by following these steps:
1. Request a shipping label by emailing us at theuniversitystore@pitt.edu.
2. Package textbooks for shipment, including your name, PeopleSoft # and contact information.
3. Send package to The University Store on Fifth using the shipping address listed below:
Attn: Textbook Returns
The University Store on Fifth
4000 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
If you have any questions, please email the store at theuniversitystore@pitt.edu

Will I be reimbursed for canceled spring break or summer study abroad programming?

All reimbursements for spring break study abroad have been processed. Reimbursements for summer study abroad programming are currently underway. Please contact Jeff Whitehead at whitehead@pitt.edu or 412-648-2299 with questions about any study abroad program.

Will I get a refund for my preordered commencement cap and gown?

Each Pitt campus oversees their respective regalia orders, with supplier Oak Hall Cap and Gown managing Pitt campus orders except Johnstown. For students at the Pittsburgh campus who preordered their regalia, refunds have been processed. Oak Hall is working with each remaining campus to review regalia order changes at this time. For questions or additional information, please contact Oak Hall at 800-456-7623 or customerservice@oakhalli.com.

What will happen with my University Club membership? 

University Club members will be reimbursed for membership fees during the club’s temporary closure. Once the club resumes operations, members will receive a pro rata reduction of fees from March 18 to 31 credited to the payment type the club has on file. Future monthly deductions will be paused through the duration of the temporary closure. Please contact the University Club at 412-648-1484 or uclub@pitt.edu with any additional questions. 

Can I pause contributions to my Flexible Spending Accounts?

The Benefits Department is temporarily allowing the suspension of Dependent Care, Parking and Mass Transit Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) effective April 1, 2020, due to closures caused by COVID-19. If you would like to temporarily suspend your elections for one, some or all of these particular FSAs:

Note: The Dependent Care, Parking and/or Mass Transit FSA must be suspended entirely in order to stop payroll deductions. You must reenroll in these accounts should you wish to use them in the future.

What will happen with tuition at the University Child Development Center (UCDC)?

UCDC will begin the process to stop payroll deduction beginning with the March 31 payroll, which pays for April’s tuition. Payroll deductions will cease at this point, until further notice. UCDC will also begin the process of applying pro rata credits to employee accounts for March.