Please continue to check this website for updates.

Academic Term Dates
Added 3/16

At this time there are no plans to modify the end date of the spring semester nor change the start date of any of the summer sessions. As needed, flexibility will be granted to faculty in conveying final term grades, as well as to departments with respect to certification of graduation requirements.

Classes and Educational Activities

As announced by Chancellor Gallagher, the University has shifted exclusively to remote learning for classes, effective March 23, 2020. The University Center for Teaching and Learning has been working with faculty to prepare for this possibility and developed tools to support online instruction. We are developing plans for replacing experiences such as laboratory and performance classes. Individual schools, departments and instructors will be providing additional information on specific classes and programs. All students will receive communication from their instructors about next steps for their courses.

Students with teaching assistant (TA) and teaching fellow (TF) assignments will be contacted by their course instructor with information about how their assignment may change in light of the move to remote classes.

Pitt IT has resources available to help students who are experiencing connectivity issues or who may not have access to reliable technology or Wi-Fi at home. Contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk by calling 412-624-HELP(4357) to learn more.

The University will deliver summer courses remotely, with the possibility of a few exceptions for clinical or field experiences that may become possible later in the summer. More details about summer sessions will be forthcoming.

Clinics, Practicums, Externships and Off Site Educational Commitments

We understand that graduate and professional students often engage in experiential educational opportunities, including client representation, for which they earn credit that take place off campus. Students in such cases may wish or need to continue these activities in order to obtain necessary professional training, receive credit to graduate, or meet ethical duties and responsibilities to the profession.

Students in such a situation should consult with their respective schools in order to understand whether and to what extent their participation in these activities should be modified or curtailed. These matters will be largely left to the discretion of the individual schools to determine based on curricular, accreditation, and professional training requirements. However, if any  student feels that these activities place them at unacceptably high health risk, they should be supported in their efforts to find alternatives.

Questions about such alternatives can be referred to their Dean or the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies.

COVID-19: Reduction in Research Operations
Added 3/19

March 18—The COVID-19 public health emergency has challenged the University in unprecedented ways, and at a pace that requires us to accelerate our response. On March 18, we have determined that, in the interest of the health and safety of our community and our partners, and in consultation with our own faculty and staff, all on-campus research work will be restricted, where possible, to only essential activities by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 20. Use of shared core research facilities will be impacted.

Read message from Senior Vice Chancellor for Research Rob Rutenbar »

Disability Resources

If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an academic accommodation, please contact Disability Resources and Services (412-648-7890). Students who are currently established with DRS are encouraged to contact their disability specialist should they require assistance.   

Financial Aid
Added 3/15

Effective, Monday, March 16, to protect the health and safety of our community, the front door to the financial aid wellness center in Thackeray Hall will not be open for any face-to-face visits. However, it’s important to note that the office is fully functioning remotely. We look forward to continue to serve students and their families through every other means possible including phone and email. The office will be answering phones as usual Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. EST +1 (412) 624-7488 (Choose option 2.). Due to the anticipated high volume of calls, your quickest response to a question is through email:

Grading Policies
Added  3/20

The University is adopting a significant level of flexibility in course grading for this semester. After the conclusion of this term, all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert any of their courses during this spring term from a letter grade basis to a satisfactory (S)/no credit (NC) basis. Moreover, all courses that are awarded S grades will count toward graduation/degree requirements and satisfy future course prerequisites, while those courses awarded NC grades will not negatively impact a student's GPA. We understand that this challenging situation may pose unforeseen obstacles. While your instructor and Pitt IT will work with you on challenges, if they prove to be temporarily unsurmountable, faculty will award incomplete (G) grades as a last resort. Read the S/NC Grading Policy »

Health and Mental Health Services

Visit the Student Health Service website for the latest information on student health clinic hours. Visit the University Counseling Center website for information on mental health needs during this time.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the virus, call Pitt’s Student Health Service at 412-383-1800.

Immigration Status of International Students

Changing the instructional environment at Pitt will NOT affect international students’ current standing as enrolled students. Pitt's Office of International Services is in contact with the University's international students and scholars. All immigration-related questions should be directed to the Office of International Services. Delo Blough ( is the point of contact for matters pertaining to Pitt's international population.  

Mail Services
Updated 3/23

Campus Mail manages the collection and delivery of all University correspondence, a service available to all departments. During this time, we continue to process mail as an essential service to the Pitt community. Check the latest updates, including scheduling a mail pick-up at our campus facility, USPS/UPS/FedEx package deliveries and more.

Panther Central
Updated 4/20

Pitt’s 24/7 Panther Central hotline is available to answer questions at 412-648-1100. Panther Central’s main on-site location in Litchfield Towers has transitioned to limited hours of operation:

  • 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday
  • Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Walk-in services are not available at this time. To make a request, please call 412-648-1100, email at or chat on

Panther Central Express, located in Sutherland Hall, is closed until further notice.

Added 3/17

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research has compiled guidance specific to the University of Pittsburgh research community. Please visit the research website for ongoing information and resources, in addition to what is posted on this website.

Student Workers
Added 3/13

Students who return home and are thus unable to work at their on-campus jobs, or students who are uncomfortable returning to campus to work, will continue to be paid through the end of their employment period, according to their standard work schedules. We encourage students to return home and speak with their supervisors. TAs/TFs, GSAs and GSRs will continue to receive their stipend through the end of the term of their appointment.

Study Away and Study Abroad Programs

All spring, summer and fall study abroad and study away programming had been canceled for calendar year 2020.

Pitt’s Study Abroad Office will be in contact with affected students and faculty, and Jeff Whitehead ( is the point of contact for study abroad and study away programming. In addition, Pitt Global Operations Support, and particularly Global Operations Support Manager Ian McLaughlin (, is available to provide additional guidance.

Updated 3/20

Shuttles to the Pittsburgh airport are available as needed. To request this transportation service, please contact SafeRider at 412-648-2255. Campus Shuttle service is now following the summer schedule.

Tuition Status
Added 3/23

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University is employing distance learning for all courses for the remainder of the spring term. Faculty are committed to providing the same high-quality experiences to students, simply utilizing a different delivery method. The same faculty will be teaching courses, they have adapted their materials as appropriate and they will continue to be available to students—all utilizing technology instead of in-person contact. Because students will be receiving the same instruction, albeit through a different process, there will be no changes in tuition for the spring term.

University Stores
Updated 3/20

The University Store on Fifth, Maggie & Stella’s, The Pitt Shop at the Pete and The Pitt Shop on Forbes Avenue are accepting website orders. Physical store locations remain closed until further notice. For University Store inquiries, please email