Updated rules and requirements are effective Monday, March 28, 2022.

Pandemic Safety Ambassadors

Staff and faculty can volunteer to serve as helpful resources for colleagues within their units to assist with safety questions and the execution of their unit’s operational plans. Each Pitt unit (e.g. a department, work team) will have designated Pandemic Safety Ambassadors.


  • Serve a resource to individuals in their units regarding safety guidance, safety programs and safety measures offered by the University.
  • Support the maintenance of the inventory of supplies (e.g. face coverings, cleaning products, gloves for cleaning tasks) to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Support cleaning and disinfection procedures that are performed by individuals in the area.
  • Serve as a resource for supervisors and persons performing contact tracing in the event an individual on the unit is confirmed or probable for COVID-19.
  • Model best practices to help keep our campus community healthy and safe.

Building Safety Concierge Providers

Access control employees and student workers are stationed at campus building entrances to ensure proper access and safety protocols are followed by students and employees.


  • Be a positive safety resource, providing face coverings when requested and guidance on where entrants can locate hand sanitizing stations and have health questions answered. 
  • Convey building use requirements, providing guidance about entry procedures including the need to swipe/tap Pitt ID cards to enter and reminding members of the public that buildings are only open to Pitt affiliates at this time. 
  • Report incidents of safety non-conformance, entry congestion or other issues related to building access to the Pitt Concern Connection and deny access for individuals who are found to be non-conformant by the audible alert upon attempted entry to a campus building.
  • Model best practices to help keep our community healthy and safe.

Concierge stations are equipped with ID card readers, hand sanitizing units and disposable face coverings. The program will operate under the University’s Elevated and Guarded Risk postures. 

Thank you to all of our Building Safety Concierge volunteers who gave their time to ensure proper access and safety protocols are followed on campus! Learn more about building safety and access on the Facilities Management Building Status webpage.