The Chancellor’s Resilience Steering Committee (RSC) ensures that University leadership is able to be proactive, anticipate events and issues, and prepare appropriately to mitigate impact throughout the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.  This centralized group manages and coordinates the University’s activity in the resilience framework, including ensuring University-wide coordination and communication of guidance and standards.  The RSC’s position enables them to test approaches quickly and pursue the most effective solutions, allowing the University to move ahead of the changing environment. 

The members have been appointed by the Chancellor: 

Executive Committee

  • Geovette Washington, Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer, Executive Sponsor
  • Thomas Hitter, Office of University Counsel, Policy Development and Management, Co-chair 
  • Melissa Schild, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Planning, Co-chair


  • Office of the Chancellor: Lila Rose
  • Office of the Provost: Lucy Russell, Belkys Torres 
  • Office of the SVC for Research: Michelle Amato 
  • Office of the SVC for Health Sciences: Bill Madden 
  • Office of the CFO: Cyndee Pelt 
  • Office of the SVC for Philanthropic & Alumni Affairs: Nancy Merritt 
  • Office of the SVC for Engagement: Paul Supowitz 
  • Office of the SVC for Business and Operations: 
    • Auxiliary Services – Matthew Sterne 
    • Facilities – Scott Bernotas 
    • Planning – Beth McGrew 
  • Office of the CIO: Cindy Wertz 
  • Office of the VC for HR: Rebecca Roadman 
  • Student Affairs: Kenyon Bonner 
  • Office of the Athletic Director: Christian Spears 
  • Office of the University Legal Counsel: Jennifer Seng 
  • Emergency Operations Center: Ted Fritz

Ex Officio Members 

  • Dave DeJong, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Acting Senior Vice Chancellor for Business & Operations 
  • Chris Bonneau, President of the University Senate

Regional Liaisons to the RSC

  • Richard Esch, University of Pittsburgh Bradford and Titusville
  • Jodi Kraisinger, University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
  • Christian Stumpf, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

Student Liaisons to the RSC

  • Nourhan Abubaker, College of General Studies Student Government
  • Malena Hirsh, Graduate and Professional Student Government
  • Eric Macadangdang, Student Government Board

Additionally, the Committee is staffed with a coordination team.

Questions or comments for the RSC should be sent to