The University has partnered with Quest to offer unobserved self-collected PCR tests for faculty and staff in specific circumstances. This testing is NOT for symptomatic individuals. Please contact MyHealth@Work if you have symptoms to determine whether testing is indicated.  If testing is indicated, it will be arranged through Employee Health. 

Faculty and staff should only order a test if you: 

  1. Are required to partcipate in mandatory testing. 
  2. Are identified as a close contact through exposure to someone who has COVID-19 (i.e., within 6 feet for 15 minutes with or without a mask).
    1. For all exposures—on or off campus—please call MyHealth@Work at 412-647-4949 to discuss the exposure and determine next steps.
    2. To shorten quarantine from 14 to 10 days, order the Quest kit and use it on day 8 or later of your quarantine period. You must receive a negative test result to exit quarantine on day 10. 
  3. Work in an area on campus that has been identified as having a localized outbreak.
    1. If there is a need for focused testing, Pitt will contact you and relay any necessary safety recommendations.
  4. Have travelled outside the area in which you reside for either University business or personal reasons.
    1. Review the University’s safe travel guidelines and requirements for additional details, especially for out-of-state travel.
    2. If you are testing after travel, quarantine at home until you receive a negative test result

Faculty and staff Quest test results will be shared with MyHealth@Work, just as student Quest test results are shared with Student Health Service. These records are not shared anywhere else. Please contact MyHealth@Work with questions about ordering a test at 412-647-4949.

You will be asked to provide your 2P number which is the first 11 characters on your University of Pittsburgh I.D. (including 2P)


Here’s What to Expect

After employees click the link above to create a MyQuest account, they will be able to order a test kit at no cost to them to be delivered to their preferred home address.

FedEx will deliver test kits within 2-4 days.

Employees should use their test kit to self-collect a sample and return the sample to a Quest laboratory via FedEx. Drop off your specimen at a FedEx collection site before 3 p.m. and do not drop off on a Saturday or Sunday.


Once Quest receives a sample, the current turnaround time for results is 2-4 days. Increased testing volume may extend this wait.

Returning samples to Quest without requisitions in them delays test results. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully. Put the requisition form in your test kit before returning it to Quest.

If you have questions about the Quest test kit:

Toll-free line: 855-324-7472
Hours: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST Monday - Friday
After hours: 866-MYQUEST (866-697-8378) Select “patient”

Employees will be notified when their results are available through their MyQuest account. Pitt’s Student Health Service will also receive the results and will share with regional campus student health offices as necessary.

If you order a Quest test kit, you must use it.  It cannot be shared with anyone as results are reported to the county health department and the University. You can order an additional kit once you receive results from an earlier order.


While a positive COVID-19 test indicates that that a person is definitely infected, a negative test does not mean a person is not infected.

Testing is a useful tool for identifying asymptomatic positive cases. On the other hand, it also creates a dangerous false sense of security. A negative result indicates that, at the moment an employee collected their sample, SARS-CoV-2 was not detected in their system. It is still possible that this individual was—and still is—carrying the virus at lower levels and could be at risk of spreading it to others. This window of false negative testing usually occurs for 4-5 days after a person becomes infected.

In reality, test results are a snapshot of one brief moment in time. Sheltering in place is the safest way to prevent spreading the virus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my results? How does Pitt get my results?

A: The employee and MyHealth@Work will receive all test results from Quest.

Q: I already ordered a test. May I order another?

A: Yes, you can order an additional kit once you receive results from an earlier order.

Q: How long do I have to use the Quest test kit?

A: You should use the Quest test kit between days 3-5 of your quarantine period. It must be used within the quarantine period and not held longer. 

Q: What if I receive a positive test result?

A: If you receive a positive test result please contact MyHealth@Work at 412-647-4949. 

Q: What if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

A: Anyone who is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or who thinks they have been exposed to the virus via travel or contact with others should call their health care provider to talk with a medical professional as soon as possible. Faculty and staff should also contact MyHealth@Work at 412-647-4949 if they think they’ve been exposed. Do not order a Quest test kit if you are symptomatic.