Students living in University housing on all Pitt campuses and are not fully vaccinated (14 days after dose 2 of Moderna or Pfizer or dose 1 of Johnson & Johnson) must do the following:

  • Shelter in place at home for seven days prior to traveling to campus and seven days after arriving on campus.
  • Submit a negative COVID -19 test prior to arrival (more details about COVID -19 testing will be provided in July).
  • Comply with additional mitigation measures to attend in-person events and activities, such as completing a second COVID-19 test with a negative result 48 hours after arrival on campus and attending the event wearing a face covering indoors and outdoors.
  • Move into University housing on assigned dates which will be provided by your campus University housing office via your email.
  • Participate in a mandatory routine testing program throughout the term. 

While sheltering in place at your permanent residence or after arrival, unvaccinated students should:   

  • Only leave the house or residence hall for medicines, food, or emergency situations.
  • Modify your exercise routines by maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet, when possible, or by wearing a face covering when 6 feet of separation is unlikely.       
  • Wear a face covering and maintain a safe physical distance around any household member who is not sheltering in place. 
  • Eat separately from members of your household. Unvaccinated students who live on campus will pick up to-go meals from on-campus dining halls and should eat outside or in their residence hall room during the shelter-in-place period.

If you cannot follow all of the shelter-in-place protocols, please stick to what is possible. And, if you have to work or be around others, aim to maintain six feet of physical distance between you and others, wear a face covering and wash your hands often.

Consistent with CDC guidelines, unvaccinated students who are turning to the area and living off campus are encouraged shelter in place for at least seven days before re-engaging in the campus community.